Then and Now

“Julie, you don’t even look like the picture on our wall anymore!” Kim would tell me every so often.

“Yeah, yeah. Sure, sure.”  I would think to myself.

I couldn’t see a difference between then and now.

She is a photographer (  so I recently relented and let her update my photos.

There are 5 years between these photo shoots.

As I was prepping for this blog, I saw it for the first time.

My size has changed. But in many ways, I have not.

then and now 1

I was happy then. I am happy Now.then and now 2

I felt beautiful then. I feel beautiful Now.


Julie 2016-26

I was loved then. I am loved Now.

Julie 2016-27.jpg

These are the things I need to remember when my focus on this journey switches to anything other than health and healing.


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