how my noodle twirls

I am..

a follower of Jesus, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an aunt (said: ant).

I am me.

Here’s me in my nutty little nutshell…

When I love something – I really really love it – there is not much lukewarm about me – hot or cold – all or nothing – love or hate….

I love to talk with people – but – I speak out of turn sometimes, let’s be honest – alot of the time…. and I try to use big words, they are real words, just not in the right sentence – sometimes I make up words. I figure if you know what I mean – that totally counts…

I love wearing flip flops…but not as much as I love being barefooted…..

I love singing in the car and in the shower and in church, and I love making up songs…
I sing in the key of me….

Anything else you want to know???? If so just know I am an  ENFP ( almost word for word…. kinda creepy, it was like someone got into my head and spewed it all out onto a personality profile…I embarrass myself easily.


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