I was almost, and should be sleeping and was on Cathi’s blog.. then on Mark’s blog

where I saw this:: we all can do our part & look stylish while doing good …

What is that you ask? A bracelet? A napkin ring? A something or other?

NO! It’s a coffee cup don’t burn your hand-er….and a bracelet..

excerpt from (merch) where you can buy it for only $65 ….

Answer the siren call of the coffee shop in style. When your drink is called, the Coffee Cuff slips off your wrist and onto your cup, taking the place of a cardboard sleeve. Your hand stays cool and so does your environmental footprint – Coffee Cuffs are shaped by hand from reclaimed black walnut veneer. Designed by Contexture”

Is this for real?

Like seriously?

I should be sleeping….