Will you marry me?

So girls will be girls…

and last night, we were girls…

A few of us were talking about me, and this one guy…. as an “us”….


Now, I have never even really entertained the possibility of me marrying that guy, I am convinced of all of the reasons why it would never work plus I have already planned his future with another woman in my mind, … nice of me, huh?


So last night I was up thinking about why not me and him… as an “us”?


And here is the spiritual dilemma that came from my noodle twirling last night…


Last night Danne and I watched Semi-Pro with Will Ferrell, and although it was raunchy in some most parts, and we actually skipped a section of the movie because of that raunch…  I thought it was a pretty funny movie….


To be honest I really laugh at and enjoy some movies that I know I shouldn’t…


I could never see myself, laying on the couch with that guy, watching those movies… I feel like I would be defiling him, and I would feel shame and embarrassment….


And here goes the noodle…  I was thinking Julie, Do you really believe God’s word?

Ok – stay with me here….


If I really believe not only that God is always with me, ever-present, but that Christ does dwell in me… would I watch those movies?


The answer, of course, is definitely not….

Letting myself be entertained by what God is not honored in… and disgusted by??


And am I not already called a part of the Bride of Christ ?


I am already an “us” with Him!


Reconsidering her “entertainment”,