NBA Arena full of children died today.

Children died in CT today. Gunfire – Over 20. Children died in China today. Stabbed -Over 20. It’s horrid, my heart hurts, and I honestly don’t much know more than that. Deliberately I have avoided the news. I’ve avoided Facebook – for the most part, and then this happened.


Over 45 children have died of preventable causes since I have started writing this blog.

Yes, Preventable. By my choices, by your choices, preventable.

Today in a flurry of opinions about gun control and legislation and seemingly everyone running their mouth about this and that and the other, I offer you a true opportunity to save the lives of children.

Give Clean Water

Feed The Children

Now, what will we do?


Growing up a spoiled brat who got every wish on her list and more, Christmas was always my favorite.

Now I resent what most holidays have become. I’m actually kind of  a scrooge.


Somehow Christmas, the birth of Christ,  has morphed into gifts given mostly out of obligation, shopping, stress, a fat guy who sees you when you’re sleeping, and “holiday” music.


And money, lots and lots of money… Did you know that over 450 BILLION Dollars is spent each year on “Christmas”. Did you know that it would only take 10 BILLION dollars to give clean water to every person on earth? (Check out the Advent Conspiracy Video, it’s only two minutes)


Easter is more about a big bunny bringing a basket of gifts instead of the crucifixion and resurrection of our Saviour.


Valentines is about marked up red roses, chocolate, and cheesy poems that seem insincere, and would be more appreciated it written by the giver, on May 23rd.


And then there is Thanksgiving.  My favorite. Virtually untainted by any American commercialism.

It’s friends, family, football, food and a whole lot of Giving Thanks.