Well, Welcome to julieUNSCRIPTED – My “big-girl” blog.

I feel like I have just graduated from the world of inconsistent MySpace blogging to making a commitment to a real blog.

The first challenge I faced was what to call lil’ blog.

How could I communicate by a title who I am clearly, without offending, and without having to disclaim and explain myself, and do all of that in an itty bitty little title? It’s exhausting being me. I know.

julieUNSCRIPTED did not come easy, or without deep consideration, and annoyance.

Here’s a just few that didn’t make the cut.

Verbal Diarrhea.blogspot wordpress.com  – think about it, that’s funny, and happens it me often but that’s really gross for a blog name, – and who really knows how to spell diarrhea without looking it up on Google?

The Plight of the White Woman.blogspot wordpress.com ok ok, I know I don’t have any actual “plights” in comparison to actual “plights”, but you who know me – know that I have hilarious plights, and I am indeed a White Woman. Not the most politically correct.

JesusJulie.blogspot wordpress.com  – I wish you could hear me laughing as I am trying to even type the explanation of this…Let’s just say it’s a long running joke with my dad as to what would be said if I was a co-host on the Howard Stern show. As my dad said, it would be my identifier of being the “token Christian” opinion on the show “Jesus Julie” – and it would also be the exclamation that would be said often. “Jesus – Julie!”

JulieStein.blogspot wordpress.com – boring… it’s my name, I know, but it’s boring…

Most of my life is unscripted, there are honestly moments in my day where I look at people and say “You can’t write this”. It’s unscripted. Ready for you to read.

2 thoughts on “julie UNSCRIPTED

  1. cathi stegall says:

    oh, this is perfect! just perfect
    wholly Julie and wholly authentic – it’s like a little julie on the big web of world wide information. Watch out, cyberspace, julie’s rarrin’ to go!!!!

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