Awww Heck….here’s what happens – part 2…

Well, it happens often, the “awww heck” moment… Here is another glimpse into how my noodle twirls…

It’s after 11 … I am sick… I am leaving for a trip in the morning… I should be sleeping…

Here’s why I am not sleeping…

1) I have been sick the last few days – which means I have been taking medicine… *sigh* I know every time I get sick that I don’t really want to take meds that will make me fall asleep because on day 3 when I don’t want to take the meds again… I won’t be able to fall asleep…. This might have a bit to do with the fact that I never follow the directions on medicine because my logic says that if I weigh more than the average person, I should take that % more meds for it to be effective… and I like when NyQuil or whatever the nighttime med is, knocks me out and I don’t wake up in the middle of the night and be all sick… so tonight – I am sick, and wide awake knowing that if I take my meds tonight – I will be waking up every 20 minutes freaking out that I am missing my plane…

2) I am “packing”…. and here’s what that means… I am going to California, for the weekend, for a conference where I will most likely wear my “Urban Youth Impact” Staff shirt 2 of the 3 days I will be there… I have been “packing” for 4 hours… I pack, do some laundry, then a card fell behind my dresser in my closet, but after taking everything out of my closet and then deciding that I needed to vacuum the closet, then my room, and then the hallway…. the card was not behind the dresser, it was beside it… but now everything is out of my closet and on my bed.. so I am purging… a few shirts here, a pair of shoes there… refolded my sweaters to put them away for the year… rehang the previously mentioned card, and read and re-tape all the other memories in my closet… now things that had been collecting in my closet, are on my bed – I am on the clean edge typing….

Awww heck….

3 thoughts on “Awww Heck….here’s what happens – part 2…

  1. Natalie says:

    Reason #2 brings back fond memories of life as roommates. When our pantry or the fridge got out of hand and became a cluttered mess- Holly and I would secretly make mention of it in your presence and whatdya know- you’d have it cleaned, organized and sparkling in no time!

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