Divine Intervention….

5pm… I already dropped off the girls who were helping me today – I had been at work for quite a bit today(understatement).. cleaning and getting ready for a busy summer..

I was thinking about how I really needed to get home and work on my “me” stuff- that was at 6pm..

6:15… I eat dinner at my desk – fat free ham and cheddar cheese, heated in the microwave… while working

6:30…all of the High School Bible Study girls came – Nattie and Holly, and even Roxy – Holly’s Jack Russell Terrier were there… alot of hustle and bustle… I’m still working…

6:45… I am writing out my “to-do” list for tomorrow…

7:15… I am doing my “to-do” list for tomorrow… still thinking about how I need to maintain boundaries and go home

7:16… I call Roxy over to me…

7:16… Roxy pees on my lap…

7:16… I drive home

8:19… I’m home – laundry done, showered.

Divine Intervention

Thanks Roxy Roo!!

2 thoughts on “Divine Intervention….

  1. jessica says:

    hey julie!
    just wanted to say how thankful i am that you’re on staff now. :-) boundaries are good, good, good. if you ever need encouragement in that area, see me or john o’hara. :-) oh, and don’t forget to delete my blog from yours. ;-)
    love ya.

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