So this morning I woke up, and went back to bed…


I knew I was just being lazy by not working out, and then by not putting my laundry away, then by not doing my hair all cute for work, or putting in my contacts…. 


I actually felt like a had a voice in my head today that was just saying “Lazy”.. each choice, and there was that voice… “Lazy”…


Then out of the blue a friend called me and left a message:


“Hey Jules, It’s me… I was just at the beach thinking that sometimes I make excuses, but I am just being lazy…  I don’t know if you ever do that… but I do…  Do you?”


POW….. how’s that for some not so subtle confirmation…


I really think that sometimes I don’t need to pray about  if I should do something or not, or need encouragement about things I know I should do because  that cruel honesty of it is sometimes, I am just being lazy…


How do you get over that?


(Aside from prayer about it  and encouragement, that is….)

One thought on “Lazy

  1. Kristen says:

    Hey Julies ran into a neat definition of endurance while studying 1 theso 1:3 today two parts to it
    1. ability to see and strive
    2. you are able to accomplish because there is an end to it
    I don’t know if this will help you any but there is an end like you can see with your payments with the credit card. Maybe this can apply to your you always, k

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