Giving Thanks Cornucopia Nov24

cornucopia:  A hodge podge of plenty

In order to catch up with myself. Here is a cornucopia.

Perspective: All this AND Jesus too?

Being a part of a biblically based church and Bible Study.


Adrianne: (Changes on Palm Beach Lakes 561.683.1000) blessing me with a haircut – all the rest went to Locks of Love

The humbling honesty, patience, and unconditional love of true friends.

People supporting me in my training for the Race for Faith, weight loss and other life goals.

Paid in Full. (will be it’s own blog soon)

Getting a promotion at Starbucks.

Turning off the air – and sleeping with the windows open. And being “so cold” when it is 70 out.

Being back in the black.


More to come……

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