What’s your name again…

We were in the kitchen at a friend’s birthday party. He was cute. I was doing dishes. The conversation flows. And ends…. Well, Almost ends. Should’ve ended.

He politely says “It was so nice to meet you, What’s your name again?”

I should’ve just said “Julie” but I didn’t.

I actually listed the five previous occasions that he had “met me”.

Listed them.






I’m sure I wasn’t as rude as I remember it.  But I felt terrible.

I was on a mission to find him on any social networking site and he was nowhere to be found.

I had to ask forgiveness.

Danne said drop it. I couldn’t.

Months went by and Danne meets someone “who would be great” for me. She used two sentences to describe him. And I knew it was him.

I had to ask for forgiveness.

Danne said drop it. I didn’t.

Every time I saw him over the next few weeks, it was overkill.

“Hi Matt!”  “How are you doing,Matt!” “Hey, Matt!” and he looked like a deer in headlights.

Then I felt bad for doing that.

One day I mustered up the guts to ask forgiveness, like any good christian girl should do.

“Hey, Matt…. I really need to ask for your forgiveness”

“Oh. Really? What?”
“Yeah, this one time I saw you I was really ungracious”

“Oh. Really?”

“Yeah I felt really bad”

“What happened? I am a really easy-going guy, I don’t even remember.”

“Ohhh I don’t really want to bring it back up. I just wanted to ask forgiveness”

“Don’t worry about it……..  What’s your name again?”

” (nervous irate pride killing giggle) Julie, my name is Julie”

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