two day work week, staying up late, not sleeping in, lounging around, overpacking, finally leaving, turnpike karaoke, are we there yet?, alligator alley, almost out of gas, 40 minute detour, gators galore, panthers prowling..unseen, free chick-fil-a, generous yaycob, waldorf astoria, water view room, meeting miriam, family, fajita, model micah, cvs stop, mr. bubbles, barefoot moscato, quick daddy conversation, no candles, giant tub, steamy shower, relax, ice the cookie dough, DANNE, Happy Thanksgiving, mirror, no technology, one more message, patio thankfulness, texts from friends, refocused thoughts, true advocate, always interceding, DD coconut, family time, stuffed with stuffing, gushey grammy, loving ellie, big kids “loop time”, giggly grace, mischievous micah, funny “family” story, return to condo, somemore turkey, grace bakes, quality conversation, knitting needles, refreshing honesty, return to waldorf, turkey sammich, nightey night, count down by 7 from 100, black friday, not so early, more Dunkin, too many people, too few choices, overwhelmed, aaron, old navy, peppermint shake, ballet slippers, crash at condo, no fashion show, fishing, run to the flag, and back, and again, in comes Ally, pig loaf, richards new toy, paparazzi, in comes Kristen, wig, laughter over salad, all together, reminiscent, youtube weatherman, laughter over tea, little girl prayers, nightey night, fog, fog, fog, walk and talk, where’s the tram?, Starbucks, how much was that?, Huevos Rancheros, doing nothing, playing robot, slimy fisheys,  adiós ally, doing nothing, somemore talking, doing nothing, say our goodbyes, nice to meet you, until next time, prayer with Kristen, back on 75, north or south? goes east and west, no karaoke, just conversation, 40 minute detour, Cocosette, creepy clouds, more pig loaf, well hello brando, danne knits, I write. Thankful

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