well, hello…

well, hello there,


I talked to my dad about you yesterday.. how I go to the little blog stats and see how you found me.. He was amused, you’ll hear more from him later……  it’s pretty interesting how you found me… kind of odd…


there is no rhyme or reason, and how you found me is about as random as what I write… sometimes serious, sometimes silly….


Look up, and to the right…  the tabs “how my noodle twirls” is just an “about me”, and “old writings” are well old writings quasi imported from MySpace…. if you are wandering around and get lost, just click on julieUNSCRIPTED and it will bring you back here safe..


Look to the right… those are some of my friends, and a few people I don’t even know and are either friends of friends, or random people…. if you scroll over them, there is an identifier as to how I know them, or don’t know them…


so welcome to my little home here on the web… make your self cozy…


ohhh and  if you have something to say, just leave a comment, or you can email me at julieunscripted@gmail.com

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