Flowers, just because…

There are alot of flowers in our house these days…. My roommate Danne just had some pretty major surgery last week…  a good reason for all of the “flowers”…


I love flowers but to be honest, I am not usually a fan of “flowers”… Especially on specific days… Birthdays, Valentine’s Day… I think it’s too easy and not very thoughtful….


In the winter I was going through a funk, I had just returned from Denver where my friend Marty was having a baby shower in celebration of her first child, my dad was in Ohio in and out and back into the hospital with some serious thing that no one could figure out what it was then pneumonia from being in the hospital, I was spending weeks at a time nannying for a large family that was grieving the loss of a child, I was praying though following my dreams vs. entering into full-time ministry and the frosting on the cake was that I had no matches on EHarmony….


There were days that I didn’t even want to get out of bed, and didn’t… I was going into work late, leaving work early, not eating, not working out, not going out.. I didn’t tell many people everything that was going on.. I shut off… I have friends telling me to go to counseling, that I was too busy, that I was doing to much, that I wasn’t doing enough… I even had one friend say “It’s been long enough – snap out of it”


Things started turning back to “normal”, some time had passed, then the flowers came, on some random day, and they were just perfect…  They were little yellow roses that match my room and my bedroom set….


All the card said was:

Thinking of you Psalm 139:17-18    Love, Jesus


I dried the flowers, and they sit on my bedside table.


They are a reminder that I am loved by others (even if I will thankfully never know who they are from) and that I am loved by God…


Just because….

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