Awww Heck… The Ants Edition

(I don’t know what happened to “Part One” of the Awww Heck Posts but Part Two is here … So I don’t know if this would be Part Three if there never was really ever a Part One)


Ok, so if you have ever met me, you know I have a few labels that apply to me…


Emotional, Dramatic Expressive, Tender, Sensitive, So So loving….But I am indeed an over thinker …


So we were having a small ant issue at the house… not really a big deal… until today…

They are these little winged ants who seemed to like to call my bedroom home… it’s gross to think about ants in my very clean and bright and never having food in it bedroom and even though they weren’t reallybothering anything… I decided to “take care of it” yesterday…  After some researching on Google I learned that they were indeed ants and not termites (FYI – ants have a thorax or abdomen or something) I had to decide to either bug bomb (which may not kill the queen) or just put out a gel (which little worker ants take back to the little ant village to kill the queen)….  I put out the gel, and nonwinged ants came out of the woodwork, literally… lots of um… the winged ants had no interest in the gel…

I know what you are thinking, what does this have to do with being emotional?

Well, yesterday, although I was fascinated by watching the ants eat the gel, and “talk” to each other.. I felt bad…

AND THEN TODAY… I had a bunch of dead ants in my bright and clean bedroom, little worker ants who obviously did not make it to feed the queen the poison, but that’s not all – there were alive ants and you wanna know what they were doing? Nope, not eating the gel…. they were lifting and carrying the dead ants back into the floorboards to take them to the little ant village…

How stinking sad is that?


Note to you, my friend and/or reader of other things that I don’t like because they make me so so sad, for real…

  • The Zoo
  • Sea World
  • Butterfly World
  • Fish Tanks

I am sure there are more… but I am getting too sad thinking about it…..

2 thoughts on “Awww Heck… The Ants Edition

  1. Diane Mahon says:

    Okay let me just tell you……HAAAAATTTTTEEEEE THE ZOO TOO!! I get depressed every time I go! Watching those unhappy cooped up animals pace around their pens because they are neurotically depressed and don’t know what else to do! And like we need a zoo in EVERY city….

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