Giving Thanks Garbage Picking Nov13

Ok so not really garbage picking but recycle bin by the mailbox picking… I may get slightly obsessed.


RaceTrac gas station just remodeled, and they sent a coupon, and I noticed that many of my neighbors just “recycled” their coupons…  so for about 3 or so days last month, I would go through the recycle bins, and take out the coupons.


One sheet has a coupon for a free sandwich, a free hot dog, a free slushie, and a buy one get one free hot cookie coupon.


For about three years I have been saying I need to put together little food zip lock baggies to give out for people who request money at the intersections……  best of intentions, never happened… 


So I am glad now that I have an abundance of coupons to share with people.


That’s what I am thankful for today…. recycled bin picking…….. and being able to help provide from someone elses “recycled”

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