not how it’s supposed to be….

On Labor Day, Christen, Danne and I went to the gym… it was such a long 40 minutes for me.. and it’s no secret that I hate the gym… 


Last night I “worked-out” with the Wii fit…  I hula hooped, and ran in place, watching the TV as I was chasing another Mii and then a virtual dog… it was fun and stuff, but…


Today, though I live not 10 minutes from the beach… I went swimming in a pool….


We have traded in so many great things, for cheap substitutes…

real fruit juice for Kool-Aid

real contact for Poking people on Facebook

Intimacy for Pornography

Real Conversation for Text Messages

Hand Written letters for email or wall comments


It’s just not how it’s supposed to be….

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