Between insanity and sailing

Putting my oars down is beautiful, poetic, freeing,  and inspiring.

Practical? Not so much.

I would love it if this blog was about how I am loving sailing. But, it’s not.

I still row. Every moment of my days are planned ahead of time. Every. Moment.

Now as I row there is a huge difference.  I am frustrated and tired for I know I should be sailing.

Every. Moment.

So, back to sailing?  What does that look like practically? Just dropping all oars all at once?

Leaving Urban Youth Impact before the end of the school year and breaking my commitment to my girls, and to the staff?

Leaving Starbucks and losing my insurance and my “thoughtless” part-time job?

Leaving Miss Flo, who I love, care for, and live with?

No combination of those options are viable.

So here I row. Somewhere between insanity and sailing.

2 thoughts on “Between insanity and sailing

  1. Ginny says:

    I know, my roommate is moving out and I am having to face the changes, the unknown and of course, the possibility that God has it all lined up. Then I’ll look back later and say “oh, I see now what was planned and it is better than before…”

  2. anarchicspartan says:

    Hmm. Life is all about changes. Tags: Awww heck. Nice. Follow your dreams. Taking chances is probably the most relaxing thing I’ve done in a while. I agree. Row row row until you start to sail. Just make sure you are in calm waters.

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